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Usually we ask for your information to help you with your issue or problem. If you are referred to us, or have support from Cloverleaf Advocacy or any of our services, we will need to keep information.
We will only ask you for information that we need, and we will explain why we need It. We will only ask for information that we need to know to help you with the issue or problem.

This may include;

  • Your name and contact details – so we can keep in touch with you

  • How old you are

  • Your ethnicity and gender

  • Details about the issue you want support with

  • Your views on what is best for a friend or relative we are supporting

If you don’t want to give us certain information, you don’t have to.

We save your information on a safe computer system, sometimes we may have information on our email or computers.

We try to keep the information in the UK but some of our systems are managed in Europe.
All of our Staff are trained on how to keep your information safe.

Mostly we use your information to help you with your issue or problem. We might also use your information to;

  • Ask you about our service while we are working with you (we will not pass your details to anyone else for this reason without your permission)

  • To raise awareness of our services we might use your case as an example, but we wouldn’t need to use your name or details.

  • Give information to our funders about the work we do – this would not be able to identify you.

  • Help us improve our services by looking at how many people we help.

  • Look into a complaint

  • When we close your file and stop working with you we will safely store your information for 7 years. We won’t make any changes to this, unless you get back in touch with us.
    You have the right to look at any information we have about you, we might have to take out any information about other people (third parties) that is in your file. If you want a copy let us know and we will send it out for free, within 30 days.
    If you think the information we hold on you is wrong we will change the information, or make a note of what you think is wrong. We will let you know why we have done this and for what reason.
    If you ask us to get rid of your information we will try and do this. Sometimes we have to keep information, if we do, we will explain the reason why.
    Usually we would only share your information with your permission, this might be because we cannot help you with your issue, and have to refer you to another service that can help you. If you have given us permission we might need to talk to another person, like your doctor or social worker about your issue.
    If we stop being the advocacy service in your area you can say whether you want to have your information given to the new service, this is called “data portability”.

    There may be times we have to share your information without your permission, this will only be if:
    Something you told us makes us think you, or someone else, is at serious risk of harm.
    We might have to share information because the law says we have to, like a Court Order.
    To protect someone’s life, this is called “Vital interests”- for example this might be is we have to share your contacts with emergency services during an emergency.
    You can email us dataprotection@cloverleaf-advocacy.co.uk
    We may use it when we carry out work as an organisation. This is called “legitimate interests” – this could be numbers or case studies for people who give us money (funders).
    To defend our legal right- this could be to try and sort out a serious complaint.
    If your information is seen by anyone you haven’t said is ok we will tell you about it as soon as possible, we will also tell you what we will be doing about it. We will also tell the Information Commissioner (who manages the GDPR law) what happened and tell you how you can complain if you want to.
    If you want to get in touch with us about your information, please call 01924 454875 and ask for the Data Protection Officer.
    You can write to us at Data Protection Officer, Cloverleaf Advocacy, Floor 5, Empire House, Wakefield Old Road, Dewsbury, WF12 8DJ
    You can email us dataprotection@cloverleaf-advocacy.co.uk
    You can get in touch through our website www.cloverleaf-advocacy.co.uk
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